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demo-2 Slip your foot between the stocking and the cushion +

Stage 1

demo-3 Pull up so that it rests between the knees +

Stage 2

demo-4 Pull the extra stocking above and below the knee to secure the cushion in place +

Stage 3

- Pressure Mapping Evaluation
- by the Rehabilitation Sciences Research Group, School of Medical Sciences, University of Ulster (2000)



- Chohan, A et al. Biomechanical testing of a spinal alignment cushion (Rophi Cushion) in Adults with Lower Back Pain (2011) University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) - presented at:
- ESMAC - Brussels (2011)
- International School Brussels (2011)
- Stockholm (2012)



- Determining the clinical effectiveness of the 'Rophi Cushion' in the management of low back pain.
Katie Payne (Research Assistant)
Jim Richards (Professor of Biomechanics)
James Selfe (Professor of Physiotherapy):

- Independent Report - September 2012
- Allied Health Professions Research Unit
- School of Sport, Tourism and the Outdoors, Brook Building, UCLan


Rophi Cushions

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Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pioneering Back Pain Relief - Now Available for Prescription on the NHS!

rophi back

Back pain is one of the world's most common medical complaints - but now there is an effective, affordable and easy-to-use solution to tackle this debilitating condition - The Rophi Spine Alignment Cushion.

The Rophi Cushion is medically proven to alleviate back pain by correctly aligning the spine and pelvis whilst a person sleeps, by relaxing the lower back muscles and allowing them to heal naturally.

The cushion, which is the only product of its kind in the world, sits within a purpose-made stocking and uses the human body's natural design to aid long-term recovery from back pain and ultimately make a dramatic improvement on the sufferer's quality of life.

In the UK, prescription approval was granted in January 2013 and the Rophi Cushion is now available under Part IXa of the Drug Tariff from UK GP's. 

To read more about the Rophi Cushion and its unique design, including testimonials and the option to purchase a Rophi Spine Alignment Cushion, click box below:

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