Rophi Cushions backing for Backcare Awareness Week

Wigan based Rophi Cushions Ltd is supporting this year's Backcare Awareness Week.

The annual awareness week, which takes place from 8 -12 October, aims to highlight the huge national problem of back pain conditions - four out of five adults will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.

The focus for this year's awareness week, which is organised by BackCare, the national charity for healthy backs, is builder's back pain.

The construction industry accounts for 30,000 new back injuries every year and DIY leads to 80,000 new cases of back pain.

Rophi Cushions Ltd, a company which designs and produces innovative back pain solutions, is showing its support for Backcare Awareness Week as part of its commitment to reducing the impact of lower back pain.

The company's primary product is the Rophi Cushion, which eases lower back pain through a cushion which sits within a purpose made stocking and is worn between the knees, while the user sleeps in the semi-foetal position.

This realigns the spine and pelvis, which in turn relaxes the muscles that hold the spine together, allowing the discs between the vertebrae to recuperate, thereby promoting the body's natural healing process.

Robert Lloyd, Technical Director of Rophi Cushions Ltd, said: "We are big supporters of BackCare and the work the charity does to raise the profile of problems associated with back pain.

"Builders operate in an industry which is particularly prone to back pain and this week is the ideal opportunity to take a step to prevent this and make people aware of the problems and solutions that exist."

BackCare Awareness Week runs from 8 - 12 October. To find out more visit