Healthcare Professionals Testimonials

The Rophi Cushion is medically proven to dramatically reduce back pain. Please read below a selection of testimonials from healthcare professionals who recommend using the Rophi Cushion.


"For years medical professionals have been advocating the side lying posture with a pillow between the knees as the ideal posture. I have been frustrated by the fact the pillow never stays in the right position. The Rophi Cushion is the answer to that problem. I highly recommend it to all my patients"
Dr Gordon Stanford - Cum Laude, Western States Chiropractic College Sylva Lakes - Alberta Canafda


"I've come to the end of my 4 weeks trial. After starting out fairly sceptical, I am now converted. I found the Rophi cushion surprisingly comfortable, which actively encouraged me to lie in the recommended semi-foetal position for much longer that I would normally do. Each morning for the next few days, I awoke genuinely more refreshed having clearly slept well. As I continued to wear the Rophi for a further four weeks, I became aware that my back pain had all but gone and all without the need for pain-killers and sleeping tablets.

Whilst I have long accepted that back problems are 'managed' rather than cured, I have to say that the Rophi is not a 'cure' but, by reducing my back pain problem to the occasional twinge, the Rophi cushion has now become part of my life. I even take it on holiday with me. I used to lie in bed rigidly in the morning, bracing myself to make that first painful move - I haven't had to do that for ages."
Dr Slocombe, Hull


"Although previously sceptical of the effectiveness of the Rophi TM Cushion, the (University of Central Lancashire) clinical trials have identified that the Rophi TM Cushion had a positive impact on the Lower Back Pain Sufferers included in these studies. I would now consider that the use of the Rophi TM Cushion, alongside general information, will have a role in the conservative management of Lower Back Pain"   
Professor Jim Selfe. PhD MA GDPhys FCSP