Hospital Patient Trials

Patient DS

Sciatica came on suddenly 2 years ago. She has seen the GP on more than 6 occasions but has never been referred for an x-ray or MRI scan to find out the route of the problem. For this episode she was prescribed Tramadol and Gabapentin which was not effective and had a side effect of memory loss. She visited an Osteopath two years ago which worked but she has not tried it this time. Attended the acute back pain clinic in 2010 for 6 months June 2012 the problem flared up again. After visiting her GP she was prescribed Amitriptyline 50 mgs at night and Panadol 2 every four hours which seems to be working. Ibuprofen has been taken but not very effective. The GP has also referred her to attend the chronic back pain clinic. An appointment has been received for October 2012!

Patient DS was happy to trial the ROPHITM Cushion and after two days noticed a difference especially in the morning and is totally delighted with the results. She feels strongly that this should be available on prescription especially as waiting lists for physio, pain clinics etc are so long, and LBP really is extremely debilitating and affects your day to day life.

Patient DB

This lady has had a history of LBP for 20 years plus. In the last year she has seen her doctor 6 times and was referred for physiotherapy and prescribed Diazepam and then Fenbufen.

When her back was at its worst she was signed off work for a month, but has also missed days off from work due to her back problem. When her LBP is quote "playing up again usually for a period of two weeks at a time" she buys the strongest Ibuprofen and also paracetamol to try to help relieve the pain, which is especially bad in the morning. At the moment she feels she lives off pain killers, but it is the only way she can cope and live a nearly normal life. With patient DB the benefits of using the ROPHITM Cushion were instant. Just after the first night she woke up with less pain and more movement. After two weeks of using the cushion she has full movement in the morning, which was always the worst time of day for her, and has also been pain relief drugs free. Since using the cushion she has not had a day off from work, which in the past has been a common occurrence. She highly recommends the ROPHITM Cushion and feels strongly that is should be available on prescription not only for patient benefit and choice, but also for NHS cost savings.

Patient LR

This lady had a slipped disc last year and since leaving hospital has been on numerous prescribed drugs for pain relief. Please see her case study in "Cost Benefits of the ROPHI TM Cushion". She started to use the cushion in July of this year and within four days of using it she came off all her drugs and has not used them since. That week-end she went camping with the children and had no back problems. She has now taken up horse riding and is enjoying being pain free! She used to visit her Doctor at least once every couple of months, but has not needed to since using the cushion.

The cushion is extremely easy to use, very comfortable and a great relief. She would thoroughly recommend this cushion being on prescription as it would have saved the following, and importantly enabled patient choice and another alternative.

  1. An enormous amount of money on prescriptions to her

  2. A year of not being on a cocktail of drugs

  3. A year of not being able to do any physical activity, and as a single parent life was very difficult due to constant pain

  4. Anxiety and depression due to pain

  5. Considerable cost savings for the NHS