Trials, studies and presentations

- Pressure Mapping Evaluation
- by the Rehabilitation Sciences Research Group, School of Medical Sciences, University of Ulster (2000)



- Chohan, A et al. Biomechanical testing of a spinal alignment cushion (Rophi Cushion) in Adults with Lower Back Pain (2011) University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) - presented at:
- ESMAC - Brussels (2011)
- International School Brussels (2011)
- Stockholm (2012)



- Determining the clinical effectiveness of the 'Rophi Cushion' in the management of low back pain.
Katie Payne (Research Assistant)
Jim Richards (Professor of Biomechanics)
James Selfe (Professor of Physiotherapy):

- Independent Report - September 2012
- Allied Health Professions Research Unit
- School of Sport, Tourism and the Outdoors, Brook Building, UCLan