Rophi in the Media fighting Lower Back Pain

You can see the Rophi Cushion on Youtube in the battle against Lower Back Pain

This is what the UCLAN (University College of Lancashire) professors’ report says about the amazing Rophi cushion: “…appears to bring about positive changes in pain and disability levels in LBP (Lower Back Pain) sufferers…and a significant reduction in both the number of nights woken with back pain and the intensity of pain.” Reassurance indeed that this patented cushion, 12 years in expert development, really works to help relieve pressure and correct your posture while you sleep. Stocking L: 171⁄2in. Cushion 7in dia. Machine washable at 60° and tumble dry on a low setting. Class I medical device used by the NHS. High level of pressure relief to help ease chronic back pain. Clinically tested to assist therapeutic sleep posture on your side. Soft, comfy stocking holds the pad between your knees. Tested by professors of Biomechanics and Physiotherapy. Knee pad won’t compress or hold moisture and helps prevent perspiration. Anti-fungal. Antibacterial. Antimicrobial. Non-allergenic.

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